Bayer And Its Weed Killer

I have been going through various ways on how to take care of those weeds that keep popping up my lawn no matter how hard I try to make them stay away. Maybe they start creeping when I am asleep or when I have my back turned. If only I could put a huge tarpaulin over my lawn so that there would be no way that weeds could get into the soil. But that would be an idiotic thing to do. I know.

Anyway, one of the newest that I found is this product from Bayer. It kills weeds like dandelions, clovers, and chickweeds. But that is just a few on the list. It claims that it can kill most kinds of weeds. Now that means that if you have this, you do not have to go search for a crabgrass killer and then find another to take care of those dandelions and maybe another one to kill the clover.

Anyhow, this one can be bought in a ready-to-spray form. Or you can also go for the concentrate version and the ready-to-use version. I believe this one’s already available in the market.


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Do Not Kill Clover


I know that is what you are thinking of right now after I had stated in this post’s title that you should not kill clover. Well, let me just continue to say that you should not kill clover if you plan to start a farm and have to work with cows. I have not finished the whole sentence, you know.

Anyway, this weed is actually known as fodder plants and it is usually cultivated by those who have cows. The thing is, this weed may be just a weed for normal folk but it is something that the cows love to it. It is like treasure for those who have cows because they do not need to spend much on food. Plus, they also do not have to worry about the cows getting hungry for clover just continues on growing as long as it has got roots deep in the soil. Another good thing about clover (if you are a cow farmer) is that it grows quickly and replenishes itself easily.

Farmers say that clover is essentially a blessing for them because despite whatever type of climate or whatever type of soil that their farm has, clover just continues to grow without having to tend to it. Now if I were a farmer, I’d certainly love to have this weed growing around. But for a simple person like me with a lawn that I love, this weed better stay away unless it wants to hear me shout, “Let’s start to kill clover!”

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Clover Facts You Should Know

While doing some searching for the best way to kill clover without exerting much effort, I found really good bits of information on the weed itself. I have become so engrossed in the whole clover thing that every bit that I learn about it makes me want to learn more. And so I share these with you. That way, you also know what you are dealing with, right?

Well, from what I have learned, clover is a weed. Well, that is a given and that is something that we all know. And it has this ability to grow in various types of weather and soil conditions. So generally, you can say that it can be found in almost all places around the globe. Wow. I never thought that there are people who are also looking for ways to kill clover all across the globe.

This one has flowers so that sometimes, people tend to think that they would look good in any lawn or garden. The thing is, they just grow too fast and sometimes can be uncontrollable and take over the whole land area. Now that is not nice to look at. But a field of clover with flowers certainly does look great that you do not want to kill clover even if you were planning to. The flowers come in different colors. You can find some colored red, some purple, some yellow, and there are even white ones.

I have even come across the scientific name of the clover that we know so much about. Well, see, this is also known as trefoil and that comes from two Latin words. The first Latin word is tres and that means three. And then there is folium which means leaf. So that just continues to show that the weed has three leaves. And when it has four, you know the drill – you are said to be really lucky. But I believe the luck is all about being able to find one and not really about getting lucky after you found it.

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Keeping My Lawn Clean From Clover

You may spray herbicides on your lawn to kill clover that has been growing on them. But that does not mean that they will not come back. The thing is, my research has led me to facts that since clover has found its way to your lawn (or your garden maybe), then it also means that it may be coming back any time.

So as Professor Moody says in Harry Potter, “Constant vigilance!”

That does not mean that you have to always be on the alert and always be checking your lawn every minute of the day. Experts are suggesting that to keep your lawn clover-free, you have to spray on herbicides regularly. Once a year works. It is some sort of preventive measure. Just like you taking some flu shots when the season comes around.

Nice, right? I think I will practice this so that I would not have to deal with kill clover days. Prevention is always better than the cure.

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Herbicides Save The Day

Well, thanks to my previous post, I have come across help. See, this person has shared with me her experience with herbicides on his lawn. He used such during an attempt to kill clover weeds that has gone astray to his precious lawn. With that, the herbicide worked.

According to him, the herbicide actually is not a magic formula that would make the clover disappear after a few hours that you have applied it on your lawn. The thing is, it takes days for it to work. It took more than a week for him but the results was good and that is why he is suggesting that I do find an herbicide which would be good for me and my lawn.

Well, with that being said, I am now going to do more research on herbicides and what they can do to kill clover.

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Lawn Screams Kill Clover

My lawn is something that I really love looking at. I make sure that it is looking good and everything on and in it is happy. But I neglected the clover and now it seems to be on its way to running rampant. I surely would not want my lawn to be covered by this weed.

One of the best things that I have come across when it comes to tips on how to kill clover weeds is to actually use an herbicide. The thing about herbicides is that they are safe to use on your lawn. I know it sounds really harsh but they do more help them harm so I am for using them.

A friend has even shared that she has used such for her lawn and she was happy that the weeds had gone away while her lawn looked like how she had pictured it to be – fresh and natural and green.

I wonder now. Has this worked for you? Do you have any tips for me?

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What Is Clover?

If you watch Totally Spies, you would know that there is a girl there named Clover. Totally Spies, in case you are wondering, is a television program. It is actually a cartoon and it is about three girls who are spies and who are given missions. Well, that is not really what this is about. I have just been reminded about that girl Clover because of the problem that I currently have. Yes. I have a problem with clover – the weed.

See, that spy Clover can be quite a handful and she sometimes messes things up for the group. That is why I thought of her when I was going through my thoughts. As on my end, my trouble has come with the appearance of clover in my yard.

Well, clover is actually a weed and it has broad leaves. There are different types of clover but you would be able to know what it is by the number of leaves that it has. And yes, it can be quite a problem if you have a garden because it actually grows all throughout where it can grow, just like what weeds do. So to kill clover is the main thing that I have in mind because I see the weed slowly growing in my garden and I do not want that.

I still have to do further research on how I can kill clover easily. I know it can be a shame to have a garden which would otherwise have been beautiful but had gone really unpretty because of the clover that has been making its way there. I have a small patch right now and have tried removing it but they still grow back. So while I am still on the internet, I will start looking for ways to kill clover. I don’t want them choosing my garden as their home.

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